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Ph.D., Tsinghua University

CHEN Qi serves in Tsinghua University as a tenured professor of Department of International Relations, School of Social Science; Director of the Center for US-China Relations; member of the Teaching Committee; Vice Chairman of Social Science Branch of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee; Chairman of the Academic Committee of One Belt-One Road Strategy Institute. He is also a member of Expert Group of UN Commission on Human Security; resident scholar of Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, associate editor of Quarterly Journal of International Politics, editor of the Chinese Journal of International Politics(SSCI) and General-Secretary of Chinese Community of Political Science and International Studies.

September 1987 - July 1991 Undergraduate of Department of International Politics (currently known as the School of International Studies), Peking University

September 1993 - July 1996 Postgraduate of Department of International Politics, Renmin University of China

March 1998 - December 2002PhD student of Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University

2001 Visiting scholar at MIT Center for International Studies

2005 Visiting scholar at Department of Political Science, University of Illinois

Researchfields: China-US relations, international organizations and global governance

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