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The Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University (I-AIIG)

Approved to be established by Tsinghua University in April 2020, the Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG) is a university-level research institution headed by Xue Lan, a renowned science and technology (S&T) policy expert and senior professor of liberal arts at Tsinghua University. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, a Turing Award winner and academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, serves as the chair of the academic committee of I-AIIG. The Institute takes pride in its strong resident and nonresident research forces made up of leading scholars, young academics, and industry heavyweights. Leveraging Tsinghua’s existing resources and interdisciplinary strengths in AI and international governance, I-AIIG conducts research on major theoretical issues and policy needs regarding global AI governance, as it aims to enhance Tsinghua’s global academic influence and policy leadership and to provide intellectual support for China’s active engagement in this arena.

The International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum hosted by I-AIIG has grown to be an important gathering in this field in China, and its  U’n’AI Youth AI4SDG Bootcamp has convened young people from around the world. In addition, the Institute has launched widely discussed programs and publications including the AI Governance Lectures, AI Governance Dialogue, International AI Governance Newsletters, AI On Air, etc. Actively forging international cooperation, I-AIIG has established close partnerships with prestigious institutions, organizations and the industry including the Technical University of Munich, Cambridge University, Carnegie Mellon University, United Nations Development Programme, International Telecommunication Union, World Federation of Engineering Organizations, etc.