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Chairman of Elsevier Visits I-AIIG

January 9, 2024

At the invitation of Xue Lan, Dean of the Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG) at Tsinghua University, Youngsuk Chi,  Chairman of Elsevier and Director of RELX Corporate Affairs, and his team paid a visit to I-AIIG.

Xiao Qian, Vice Dean of I-AIIG, provided an overview of the I-AIIG’s research endeavors and international collaborations. Highlighting I-AIIG’s active involvement in global exchanges and cooperation on artificial intelligence (AI) governance, she mentioned the formation of the International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum, a platform facilitating international dialogue with multiple stakeholders. She also invited RELX and Elsevier to partake in the International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum 2023, co-hosted by Tsinghua University and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Youngsuk Chi expressed his delight in revisiting Tsinghua University and conveyed gratitude for the I-AIIG’s hospitality. He emphasized the urgent need for discussions on the industry’s better engagement in AI and data governance. Acknowledging the rapid evolution of technology nowadays, he stressed the role of enterprises as technology users in driving tech for good, addressing it as a global imperative.

Liang Zheng, Vice Dean of I-AIIG, highlighted the I-AIIG’s longstanding commitment to facilitating communication and collaboration among academia, governments, international organizations, and the industry since its inception. Given the complex global concerns of AI and data governance, he emphasized the role of directing efforts efficiently toward promoting tech for good.

Zhang Yuguo, Senior Vice President of RELX China; Li Lin (Lynn), Managing Director of Elsevier Greater China; and Yin Pengling (Maggie), Data Strategy Officer in China at RELX, also participated in the discussion.

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