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ZENG Yi is the Chief Scientist in AI Ethics and Governance, Institute of AI International Governance, Tsinghua University. He is a Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, serving as Director of International Research Centre for AI Ethics and Governance, and Deputy Director of Research Center of Brain-inspired Intelligence. He is a Professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University. Yi Zeng serve as a board member for the National Governance Committee for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence, an expert in the UNESCO Ad-hoc Expert Group in AI Ethics, and an expert in the Expert Group of AI Ethics and Governance in Health, World Health Organization.

Representative Research

1.Ethics and Governance Principles

Beijing AI Principles(lead drafter), 2019.

Governance Principles for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence--Developing Responsible Artificial Intelligence (one of the main drafters), 2019.

Artificial Intelligence for Children: Beijing Principles(lead drafter), 2020.

UNESCO Global Recommendation on AI Ethics(one of the draftersand expert group members)

Ethical considerations to guide the use of digital proximity tracking technologies for COVID-19 contact tracing(one of the draftersand expert group members)

2.Selected Publications

Yi Zeng, Kang Sun, Enmeng Lu.Declaration on the ethics of brain-computer interfaces and augment intelligence. AI and Ethics, Springer, 2021.

Yi Zeng.Global Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence is not a Zero-Sum Game. Guangming Daily, 2021.

Yi Zeng.Artificial Intelligence: An Accelerator for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Guangming Daily, 2020.

Yi Zeng, Kang Sun.Fighting COVID-19 with AI: efforts and lessons from China,Global Times, 2020.

Seán S. ÓhÉigeartaigh, Jess Whittlestone, Yang Liu, Yi Zeng & Zhe Liu.Overcoming Barriers to Cross-cultural Cooperation in AI Ethics and Governance. Philosophy & Technology, 2020.

Yi Zeng, Kang Sun, Enmeng Lu, Samul Curtis.Facial Recognition and Public Health.

Yi Zeng, Kang Sun, Enmeng Lu.Ethics and Governance Perspectives to Fight Against Catastrophic Risks: From COVID-19 to Long-term Safety Issues of Artificial General Intelligence.In: Data, AI Governance, and COVID-19: Medium and Long-term Perspectives for Asia, 2020 (This paper is originally published in Japanese in IPSJ Magazine, Vol. 61, No. 10, October 2020).

Yi Zeng, Enmeng Lu, Yinqian Sun, Ruochen Tian.Responsible Facial Recognition and Beyond. 2019.

Yi Zeng, Enmeng Lu, Cunqing Huangfu.Linking Artificial Intelligence Principles. The AAAI 2019 Safe Artificial Intelligence (AAAI SafeAI-2019) Workshop, January 27, 2019.

3.AIEthics and Governance Platforms and Systems

Linking AI Principles[Principal Investigator]

AI Governance Online[Principal Investigator]

AI for SDGs Think Tank[Principal Investigator]

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